Afwina Kamal

Joined Hadiprana 24 years ago, despite having education and working abroad she has learned from Hendra Hadiprana on how to embrace Indonesian heritage with its design integrity to a global’s scale.

A Master of Architecture graduate from SUNY at Buffalo, she is one of 3 Principals, who embraces contemporary breath with a textual context. Her involvement in more 80 projects has brought Hadiprana to some design competitions in Indonesia and abroad, such as the IAI Award and WAF.

Domicile: Jakarta


Firm: Hadiprana Design Consultant

Principal Architect/ Designer

65 years old, one of the biggest and the oldest architecture firm in Indonesia
Scope of work, architecture, landscape, interior, special lighting, artwork and product.
Specialties of our design is hospitality design, includes residence, villa, resort and hotels.
Jakarta’s Office and Bali’s Office
Size of Consultant : 250 People (Jakarta and Bali)