Dania Siska Octaviani

She graduated from Trisakti University in 2010. She’s a former architectural assistant in GFAB Architect Bali and DP Architect Singapore (2010-2013). From 2013-2017, she became a full-time mother and a part-time architect while continuing her studies and received her Master of Architecture in Architecture and Sustainability from University of Indonesia in 2019. She decided to continue her career in architecture and joined Dast Arkitek as a partner and an architectural designer.

Domicile: Tangerang Selatan


Firm: Dast Arkitek

Principal / Senior Architect 

Dast Arkitek is an architectural firm, established in 2012. We develop architecture and interior projects, from residential, office, leisure, to commercial building. We believe that good communication, connection, and collaboration between designers and clients will bring chemistry and joy to every project =)