Fauzia Evanindya

Fauzia holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Universitas Indonesia and a Master of Science in Architecture (Design Health) from University Michigan. She worked for andramatin in Jakarta, MOS and Studio Christian Wassmann in New York, before co-founding FFFAAARRR along with Andro Kaliandi and Azalia Maritza in 2017.

Domicile: Jakarta



FFFAAARRR is a design studio established in 2017 by Fauzia Evanindya, Andro Kaliandi, and Azalia Maritza. They believe in the freedom of playing around with different styles, tweaking geometrical forms, narrating fun spatial sequences, and trying out non-building materials responding to each project’s peculiarity. FFFAAARRR has worked on various scales of projects from several private houses and renovations, a few retails, a handful of exhibitions, to a set of toy instruments.