Helen Agustine

Helen is the Founder and Design Principal of the former architecture and interior design firm, Seniman Ruang (2016-2023). She is currently establishing her own design studio based in Jakarta, with a focus on integrating architecture and art into one spatial experience.

Helen excels in balancing functional and emotional aspects in every design, having successfully completed numerous commercial projects while actively pursuing sustainability goals. She is a recognized speaker within design industry and has earned several awards for interior design and art installations since 2019.

Domicile: Tangerang Selatan


Firm: Seniman Ruang / Helen Agustine Studio

Principal Architect & Interior Designer

An award-winning architecture & interior design practice based in Jakarta, with an aim to combine architecture and art as one spatial design unity through balancing functional and emotional experience. Focusing on design quality instead of project quantity, we have been working with many commercial, hospitality and residential projects in Indonesia. Our design process departs from thorough research through users, context, and sustainable material exploration. We believe design can communicate a story through consistency and simplicity on a visceral level, where we make design to be more understandable, but also making twists in the originality.