Excursion: Desa Hay by Arkana Architects

December 21, 2023

Desa Hay by Arkana Architects https://arkanaarchitects.com/


Desa Hay is a villa complex in Canggu, Bali. Designed for conscious travelers who are mostly foreign tourists, we present traditional-architectural elements of Indonesian. Not only Bali but also Java and Sumatra. Interestingly, the client of Desa Hay also wants a touch of Ubud’s peaceful atmosphere in this area. So, we try to create natural surroundings using some natural materials that blend with plantations. Surrounded by rice fields, guests will pass through stone paths when they arrive in Desa Hay. Green plants with wood fences beside them become a natural guide before they get into the villas.


Above the footpath, there is a canopy from a solar panel. This short walk ends at Bali’s traditional front gate hidden among the trees. Consists of six villas in bungalow-shaped, each villa separated by a lush plantation. They have the same design, facilities, atmosphere, and materials. Each of the villas is designed by modifying several Sumatran roofs with a modern style. This idea becomes an unexpected design. It turned into a high roof with a flat canopy on two sides. Surprisingly, they have a unique silhouette between villas if we see them from a distance. We also combine this ethnic element with natural materials. Like bamboo wrap, which is used for the ceiling, while the covering uses a shingle roof.


Furthermore, this villa also combines two different types of wood. The blackish wood is the main structure and the brownish one is for the furniture. Besides that, we present a unique door. It has leaves curving on it. This special ornament is so stunning in the bedroom area. Then, we also use multicolor slate in the bathroom area. In every villa, we want to bring the outside in. So, we decided to put the bathtub beside the building. It doesn’t have any walls around it, but still safe from outer sight or other villas. We keep the surroundings by a tall plantation.


Therefore, the walls of the building also only use frameless glass on each side. The guests will have a deep feeling of tranquility, wellness, also harmony with nature. In addition, Desa Hay has more supporting facilities. One of them is the existence of the Joglo building with the precise four big columns inside, just like the Joglo houses on Java. It is more than a lobby. The other visitors can use it for having breakfast and dinner. Moreover, the guests can do many activities in an outdoor area, like barbecuing, small gatherings, or private weddings. There is also a public pool. These three facilities are located between the six villas so that they are easily accessible by each guest. In the end, Desa Hay is a perfect gateway for traveler who wants to enjoy their private time in the middle of natural surroundings.


Project Description


Location : Pererenan, Canggu


Area : 1200 m²

Year : 2021

Project Coordinator : Gathi Subekti

Design Team : Dwi Prasetya

Structure Consultant : ANSCON CE

MEP Consultant : AMEP Design

Drafter : Wayan Purya

Visualization : KOMA Visualization

Photographer : Indra Wiras