Trianzani Sulshi

Trianzani Sulshi graduated from Architectural Association with a M.Arch in Design and Make in 2017. She also holds a B.Arch from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan. Prior to joining studio aliri she spent 4,5 years working on hospitality projects in Asia and the Middle East at ecoid architects in Singapore. Thereafter, she honned her craft at casedesign in Mumbai, India for a year. She believes that engagement between designers and materials in making process will enriched their understanding / way of thinking / analytical skills to deliberate tremendous architecture.

Domicile: Tangerang


Firm: Studio Aliri


Studio Aliri is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Jakarta. Aliri is derived from Bugis word which means the main pillar of the house. The pillar both represent the base of the structure -the beginning of the house framework and has the cultural symbol, where it narrates the role of women in the family. Mirroring to the meaning, we assert that well-respond design evolves from profound research and context sensibility. We produce not only meaningful but functional design.