Excursion: IE House  by Tamara Wibowo Architects

December 21, 2023

IE House  by Tamara Wibowo Architects https://www.instagram.com/tamarawibowoarchitects/?hl=en


The design of the house was for a young family of four and their parents. From the beginning, there was a need for a ramp for their parents to use from the first floor to the second floor.  Because the land extended in the direction of the street (17m x 27m), the long ramp was located at the back as part of the circulation area of the house that directed the whole layout of the house. Stairs from second floor and third floor also floats above the ramp. 

The void is adorned with long skylight screened with wooden slats up above generating a ray of light and shadow casting on tall vertical wall of the void. The effect of light together with the tropical plants along the ramp created a phenomenal entry experience into the house. Air circulation is also maintained in the space by using breezeblocks boundary between the void and the garage along the length of the garage. Wooden screen was also placed next to the main entry door into the void to make sure a good air circulation within the void. 

Once we arrived at the second floor, we immediately see a big pool terrace and the pool that is fully connected to the living area: kitchen, dining, and living room. The client loves to cook and entertains his family and friends, so connecting the living area with the pool terrace and the front garden is perfect for his daily needs. 

The house has an office, a guest bedroom and service area on the first floor. The second floor has the living area and the parent’s bedroom and the third floor has master bedroom, connecting kids bedroom, a family room and also an extra guest bedroom. Three equivalent protruding concrete mass with big opening of the guest bedroom, the parent’s bedroom and the master bedroom, which floats above the pool terrace becomes the defining aesthetic of the facade of the house. 


Project Description


Location : Gajahmungkur, Semarang


Land Area : 454 m²

Building Area : 773 m²

Principal Architect : Tamara Wibowo

Architect in Charge : Rieza Amalia, Berda Karendra Putra

Interior Designer : Tamara Wibowo Architects, Arpose Project

Design Team : Claudia Rebecca Kondoy, Luthfitria Afra, Natasha Imaculata Sherly, Akmat Ridwan, Jennifer Tamara Angelica

Structural Engineer : Momas, MEP Contractor, Rejo Makmur, Terang Sejahtera Jaya

General Contractor : Momas, Hasta Swakarya Cipta

Interior Contractor : Forme