Excursion: Pipinos Central Kitchen by Office S A

December 21, 2023

Pipinos Central Kitchen by Office S A https://officeshabrinaartiandi.com/


For this project, O-SA created a space with a familial and welcoming sense which expresses Pipinos Bakery as a brand. The bakery owners believe that a familial and productive environment shouldn’t be a zero-sum situation because the two could reciprocate to sustain the enterprise in the long haul. The two things can be merged through the programming and design of space to create a place for homely business. O-SA tried to create a place in which the brand scenography plays a huge role inside of the building. 

Fragmented across the space, the bakery is characterized with its playful blend of citrine white, orange and green materials as the color-coded identity for the brand throughout the space. The L Shaped Bar/Cashier facing the open plan situation in the ground floor area creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging casual exchanges between its visitors and employees. To offset the use of colors in the space, O-SA utilizes the use of natural elements such choosing muted coloured linens and medium shaded woods with a-mostly white architectural elements as its blank canvas. These blends of elements create a whole sensory experience with the warm atmosphere, the sweet smell of the freshly baked goods, and the imaginative scenery of the brand.

From the blend of playful ambience seen from the color coded tiles and the deep green windows that framed the vibrant activity inside the bakery, it is hoped that the bakery can become a breath of fresh air in the existing busy street of Bandung, Indonesia. With the new facade that expresses a welcoming and refreshing gesture; the space is designed to accommodate dialogue between in-houses and immediate passersby; the small intervention that is this homely bakery is expected to be catalytic to transform the larger urban context for the better

Project Description


Location : Ciumbuleuit, Bandung


Area : 315 m²

Year : 2023

Partner in Charge : Shabrina D. Aryani & Artiandi Akbar

Architect in Charge : Aristami Fitrihana, R. Dio Adhitya, Bunga C. Lamria

Construction : Garuda Mulya Jaya

Landscape Design : Ma Laya